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2D Ultrasound Packages

$35 - Fetal Heartbeat & Movements

8-40 weeks

$59 - Pregnancy Verification

8-13 weeks
No sex determination
Four 2-D photos & 3 min. video set on USB
Get baby’s measurements
Hear heart beat

$69 - Gender Determination

Fetal Sex
Five 2-D Photos
Heart Beat & movements.  

$79 - Gender Determination + USB

Fetal Sex
Video set on USB
USB with pictures
Ten 2-D photos

$130 - Level 1 Study in 2-D

First Visit Package
Estimated measurements, heartbeat, position & Report

$59 - Each Return 2-D Visit

New Package!!!

$99 – Gender Emotional from 14 weeks

includes a Sneak Peek in HD 3D-4D:
  • Fetal Sex
  • Video set on USB
  • Five 2D Photos BW
  • Three HD 3D Photos BW
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    HD 3&4D Ultrasound Packages

    $149 - First Visit Package (SPECIAL)

    4 Color HD 3D Photos
    10 black and white photos
    Real time HD 4D
    Video set on USB
    USB with pictures
    *NEW* Estimated measurements, heart beat, position, and report

    (Normally this is a $169 package but it is currently our Holiday special at just $149)

    $119 - Each Return HD 3-D & 4-D Visit

    What You May See In Your Ultrasound

    14 – 20 Weeks

    • The whole body on one screen
    • Turns, kicks, somersaults, gender if possible

    20 – 30 Weeks

    • Baby now to big to fit on one screen.
    • Individual Areas of the baby:  head, abdomen, feet, legs and gender

    30 – 40 Weeks

    • Easy to see all body parts.

    We offer a good picture guarantee on all 3D and 4D packages.  If your baby is not in a good position to get a good picture come back free at a different time.   Some restrictions apply.

    *Some offers may not be combined, please call for details.