Super nice guy!!

Mr. Gudonavicius was super nice and super professional. He even told us facts we were not expecting such as how big her brain, head, and legs were. The baby was being difficult not wanting to move her arm for a good profile view so he gave us tonz of pics and a voucher to come back for free for a better view. Super nice guy!!
- A Google User

I highly recommend this place to all of my pregnant friends!

Such a wonderful experience! I went in at 15 weeks with my husband and 3 kids all under the age of 6. He let my kids all come back to see the ultrasound and there were even chairs for them to set in. I had a personal screen to see the ultrasound and there was another one facing the chairs that my husband and kids watched. I thought it was too soon to tell the gender, but he said he was 200% sure it was a girl, and he was right!! The tech spent a lot of time getting the perfect shot for nice ultrasound pictures. I highly recommend this place to all of my pregnant friends! The person who left 1 star almost scared me away from this great experience, but right when you go in they have you sign a form that states very clearly that this is for entertainment purposes only and any medical concerns should be verified by your doctor.
- A Google User

Worth every penny!

Wonderful experience! My doctor didn't do ultrasounds before 20 weeks unless he thinks there may be something wrong. I went in to fetal studio and was received with courtesy and respect by the doctor. He gave me the most wonderful photos of my little one to take home! I will be going back for more photos! Overall fun experience and a good quality product to take home. Worth every penny!
- Ashley

The ultrasound tech was amazing!

I was a little nervous about spending 70 dollars for something that wasn't at a hospital but fetal studio was worth every penny i was going to have to wait to find out the gender because of the holidays so we went to fetal studios the ultrasound tech was amazing and so funny he made me feel so comfortable and explained everything we also got a bunch of great pictures
- Chelci

I would highly recommend this place.

I came in at 15 weeks. The day right before mothers day. I was way to impatient to find out the sex. When we got there my little one would not move for the life of me. She was being so suborn I thought I was going to go home not finding out the gender. But the unltrasound tech tried everything to get her to move and she finally did! and she told us it was a girl. She was correct! I was so surprised that you can actually tell the sex that early. I had my other Ultrasound at 21 weeks and yet again confirmed that she was indeed a girl! I would highly recommend this place. Thinking about going again to do a 3D
- Adriann

This guy is GOOD!

This guy is GOOD! I've gone to him to find out of the gender of my 3 youngest children. He was right every time. Just saw him a couple of weeks ago for our 5th baby - he guessed girl at 12 weeks. I can't wait to see if he was right! He was correct in saying my daughter looked like a girl at 11w6d. Amazing! When I was pregnant with my oldest (a boy) I didn't know about Fetal Studio so we went to Fetal Fotos (when they had a location in Layton) and they told us we were having a girl at 26 weeks. We didn't find out SHE was really a he, until his birthday! I trust the doctor at Fetal Studio. I really do. At my last ultrasound I mentioned to him that I was worried about some spotting I had over the weekend, and my OB was out of town all week. During the ultrasound he checked to make sure the placenta wasn't covering my cervix and assured us that the baby looked great and was measuring perfectly. The peace of mind is completely priceless. I highly recommend him.
- Rebecca

I would highly recommend!

I would highly recommend! We went in at 14.5 weeks to find out the gender of our little baby. Our clinic wouldn't check anything before 20 weeks, and I, being a first time mom, couldn't wait that long 🙂 We saw crystal clear that it was a baby girl! It was worth every penny to get to watch her wiggle around on the big screen HD TV's they had set up, the quality was so great and we could see so many adorable details! We were given 9 different pictures from different angles even though the package only said it included five, we love all the pictures and will put them in the baby book to remember. We had a wonderful experience and might return later on for the 3D packages!.
- Haley

This technology is amazing.

Ultrasounds have come a long way since me and my wife had kids. This technology is amazing.
- Brett

I highly recommend Fetal Studio!

My husband and I went to Fetal Studio when I was 15 weeks pregnant for a Gender Reveal. I was hesitant they may not be able to see what they were looking for since the baby was young, they assured me they could and told me it was well worth the money spent. We waited for our appointment for 5 minutes, the doctor came and got us and was SO KIND. I felt like he was as excited about our reveal as we were. He explained everything he was showing us, and we could all easily see IT WAS A BOY! We left and felt like it was the best experience we could have had and would have paid even more for how well we were treated. I highly recommend Fetal Studio at South Towne Mall to anyone considering. We plan to go back at 30 weeks for a 4D!
- Jen

I am so happy I came here 🙂

OH what a wonderful experience. Not only did he squeeze me in last minute. The DR is so personal and takes his time. He truly cares and honestly I won't go anywhere else!!! I am so happy I came here 🙂
- Alissa

Very professional.

Very professional. Would go again
- Heidi

Thank you again for an amazing experience at Fetal Studios.

We had a great experience at Fetal Studios. I was trying to surprise my wife with a gender reveal. She had a rough day and I was looking for something to cheer her up. We had talked about doing this a couple weeks earlier but had not decided to do it or not. We have four girls and this is our last pregnancy so we were excited to see if we were having another princes or a mighty Knight. It was 6:15 and I call Fetal Studios to see if we could get in that same night. They told us if we could get there by 6:45 cause they closed at 7:00. We live in American Fork so it was going to be close. I ran in and told my wife we were leaving so lets go. She didn't know where we were headed but like a good sport she jumped in the car with the 19 month old and off we went. Of course traffic was atrocious and we were no where near the office at 6:45. I called and told them we were not going to make it by 6:45 and they said "ok, just make it by 7:00, we will still get you in". I called at 7:00 because we were still a few minutes away, they were so nice and accommodating Fetal Studios and just told us not to worry they would be there waiting. Well we were about 15 minutes late. They waited for us and took us back anyway. The Doctor was awesome and spent about 20 minutes with us. He did not rush us one bit and gave us the full treatment. They could have just told us they were sorry we missed our appointment but they didn't, they were amazing and it made my wife incredibly happy. We found out what we were looking for, we are having a another beautiful baby in great health. Gender revel party is Monday night. =) I am very grateful to the Dr. and his staff at Fetal Studios. We had never done that before and it was a wonderful and tender moment we will remember for ever. We asked for the package with the DVD and have watched it half a dozen times already. If we were ever to have another baby we would go back there every time. Thank you again for an amazing experience at Fetal Studios. John and Abbey Bell
- John

This place is seriously amazing!

This place is seriously amazing. At first I was VERY nervous because it is located in a mall and we were traveling from Ogden, however when we arrived the Dr was just wonderful. He was so welcoming and very professional. He looked to make sure the baby was measuring correctly and everything was good to go. And he found the gender (at 15 weeks!!!). I loved him, SO glad we went and don't regret a thing!
- Alessa

The Doctor was so nice too!

Our midwife could not find a heartbeat so we scheduled an ultrasound with Fetal Studio for a pregnancy verification. They fit us in super fast the next day and we were also able to come to their new Lehi location which was a lot closer to us. We were nervous because we just wanted to make sure the baby was alright, and sure enough it was! The Doctor was so nice too! It was quite, not busy and he took time to answer our questions and show us lots of pictures. He also looked for the gender (we were 13 weeks and 3 days) and he said he was sure it was a boy! We will see if he is right at our 20 week for sure, but for now we are happy we have a healthy baby. And they have good prices too. The last place we went charged $170, this guy was only $50 🙂 update: We went back for our 20 week ultrasound and it was still a boy so he was right! We are so excited and so are our 3 girls!
- Katie

Amazing experience!

Amazing experience, Doctor was funny and made me feel comfortable, rescheduled my appointment twice because I couldn't make it, found out the gender at 16 weeks!
- Luiza

3D ultrasound

Fantastic service! We love fetal studio. Arvydas does a great job and really cares. We did a 3D ultrasound too early and couldn't see much, so he let us come back for no charge and redo it a few weeks later. Price is a little high, but we still love the service
- Zack

He is the kindest person alive!

He is the kindest person alive! Very smart and always accurate so far with 5 pregnancies. You won't find a more knowledgeable technician.
- Rosalynde

The staff are extremely personable and friendly.

We have gone to Fetal Photo twice, and had a great experience both times! The staff are extremely personable and friendly. The doctor took his time and explained everything he was showing us. The packages are very reasonable, and we believe it's a great value. We highly recommend this company.
- Megan

These guys have always done a wonderful job.

These guys have always done a wonderful job. Has been accurate on all of my pregnancies, spotted my twins at 7 weeks along. They have great service. Would highly recommend them.
- Kristeen

I love getting ultra sounds here!

I love getting ultra sounds here! The ultrasound technician is the best I've seen!
- Kathleen

Really great experience!

Really great experience! The room is lovely and had 3 screens so everyone could watch comfortably. The guy was great, friendly and funny and really knows his stuff. Found the gender very easy. Will be going back about 26 weeks for a 3D! Loved it!!
- Amelia

Great experience, will definitely return.

Great experience, will definitely return. Clean and very professional. You will get more bang for you buck here than fetal foto., we tried both. He makes you feel comfortable and doesn't seem rushed. We cant wait to go back and find out the gender. Waiting until our OB tells us is too far away. He can tell as early as 14 weeks our OB has to wait until 20 weeks.
- CJ

The ultrasound was so nice

Amazing experience here! I would recommend this place to anyone! Super comfortable waiting room, clean ultrasound room with excellent seating so the rest of your family can see everything. The man that did the ultrasound was so nice and friendly and we just had a great experience. Can't wait to go back!
- Madsandmiguel

Just what we needed

We had concerns about our baby so we went in to get the fotos just to see if everything was okay. Everything was fine and we had such a good experience. That was 12 years ago, and I still remember the nice experience that it was.
- Stan